Project Description
This project provides an user interface for SqlMetal.exe tool.

SQLMetalOSUI allows users to generate code and mapping files for their SQL Server Compact Edition databases.
SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 is fully compatible with LINQ to SQL but the designer does not. This project will be focused to reach this initial purpose.

Only System.Data.SqlClient are data providers supported with O/R Designer

SQL Metal OSUI for Visual Studio
for Visual Studio.jpg

SQL Metal OSUI is a custom user interface for sqlmetal.exe command line tool. SQL Metal OSUI is an easy way to create LINQ to SQL items for SQL Server Compact 3.5 databases.
Using SQL Metal OSUI you can create dbml, code and map files for both SQL Server and SQL Server Compact with some options (all options are not yet included).

Configuring Visual Studio for integrating SQL Metal OSUI as External tool
After installation is completed, configure Visual Studio for using SQL Metal OSUI as follow:
1- Open Visual Studio .NET 2008
2- Click on menu Tool and External tools…
External tools.jpg
3- Click Add. Select options as showed below.
4- Click OK.
5- Select SQL Metal OSUI link in Tools menu.
6- Once SQL Metal OSUI is executed, click on version number. It’ll appear the sqlmetal.exe version in Visual Studio’s Output panel as follows:
for Visual Studio.jpg
7- SQL Metal OSUI is configured.

How do I use?
First step: select SQL Server 3.5 Compact Edition Database

Second step: Select output file

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